Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley


Some Other Family Business Centers

The Vermont Family Business Initiative is a membership organization led by the University of Vermont's School of Business Administration. Our goal is to give Vermont businesses the tools and support they need to compete in both the local and global arenas.

South Dakota Family Business Initiative Providing an environment where business owning families can share experiences and learn from each other and professionals in the region. Continuing education for business owning families, the Initiative offers workshops to meet a variety of issues unique to family business, Affinity Lunch groups in a variety of locations across the state, class on Family Business Dynamics which includes the Distinguished Lecturer Series, quarterly meeting of professionals working with family business, as well as an annual conference.

The University of St Thomas (Minnesota) Center for Family Enterprise (CFE) is committed to the growth and continuity of family enterprises. It is a learning community dedicated to teaching, research, and program development to support individuals, families and professionals in family businesses.

University of Wisconsin at Madison Family Business Center At Family Business Center Programs, leading family business experts share insights and information on trends and techniques that can be applied to your business. They help you develop your skills to lead and participate in change and to understand the context of leadership issues in your family business. The FBC forums provide a stimulating setting for family businesses to develop strategies for growth.

There are other university and private resources around- call or email me to find out if I know someone who might be helpful- Ira Bryck (413) 835-0810 or