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Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley


When we had our first Powered by Pecha Kucha night last April, it was a smash hit, so we're doing it again, on Tuesday, April 16, at Log Cabin.

It was great for the audience, but also a wonderful experience for all 10 of our presenters, who each thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating their talks and slideshows, with the assistance of Andrew Watt, who is so talented in doing this kind of coaching.

It is NOW the time to step forward and tell me that you'd like to try your hand at presenting a pecha kucha talk. We want an all new cast from last time, so time to throw your hat in the ring!!

See more, below, from Andrew Watt- and feel free to ask me or him more about what is entailed. 


a greeting from Andrew Watt, our Pecha Kucha coach

Hello, friends and members of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley!
Last year, I helped some of your colleagues prepare Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit-chat) talks of 6 minutes, 40 seconds (20 slides, 20 seconds each) on their businesses, their philosophies, their goals, their hopes for your future.  We heard from people like Shel Horowitz on a more hopeful future, and Martha Johnson on dying with dignity. Bob Flaherty revealed the challenges of traveling by water, Sheldon Snodgrass descended into slam poetry to explore the ups and downs of life as a salesman, and Charlie Epstein revealed some of the dangers of conventional thinking in money management. Andrea Bordenca spoke about teaching children to have a moral compass, Steve Corrigan explored the beauty of the parks and memorials he helped build with an amazing landscape team, and Meghan Lynch spoke about the terrors of redesigning your business (and yourself!) while it's in operation. 
Now - it's your turn!
This April, The FBCPV will be hosting another Powered by Pecha Kucha Night.  You're not only invited - you could be on stage, presenting your own chit-chat: about your work, your philosophy, your customers, your plans for the future, your portfolio of dreams-achieved!  
Think about what you'd like to say, then sign up with Ira Bryck to be part of the team of presenters on this amazing night. As part of the package, you'll get two hours of coaching from me - a professional public speaking coach with more than a decade of experience training debaters and speakers of all ages.  I'll help you pick images that pack punch, show you how to shape your language to the story you want to tell, and I'll help you find the right focus for the night that will express your message clearly.
Consider joining the team for Powered by Pecha Kucha night - and let me help you learn to chit-chat your way to success before a live audience!
Andrew Watt




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