Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

to register, contact Ira Bryck at (413) 835-0810 or email Ira Bryck


I'm so impressed at the wealth of knowledge being made available to FBC members; at no extra cost it's an incredible bargain. -John Dion, Dion Label Printing

I have found that the monthly Friday morning roundtables / workshops are relevant and timely topics. I had been "playing around" with some of the ideas that were discussed and found that I either hired one of the speakers to accomplish the task or it motivated me to undertake the idea and move on from neutral and to first gear. The speakers have been very engaging and the discussions right on target. These have absolutely been beneficial as the topics are what we deal with or choose not to deal with every day. -Mike Buell, Wright Architectural Millwork

The Friday morning workshops are a perfect blend of roundtable intimacy and expert facilitation. Small enough to be comfortable and open, yet focused and efficient. They've been hugely beneficial for just a small investment of time. - Todd Harris, 42 Design Fab

The topic specific round table on leadership today was one of the better round tables I have been to. The play by play and color provided by the co-chairs was improvement and kept the meeting flowing.  I think everyone took something away from the event. Sign me up for the next one. -Frank Nataloni, Curio Kitchens and Baths

Wow Ira, "My cup runneth over". Just a ton of good information and discussion from business owners who are in the thick of it every day. The guest speaker gave me insights to leadership I had never heard previously. (i.e., We must understand our unique gifts or inherent abilities (genetics) and build on them. Think about who you are every day to help improve these skills or abilities). -Brian Houle, Spherion Staffing

This session was quite valuable. From the presenter, I learned new material along with being reminded I things I already knew, but had set aside. Namely: how key it is to really know ourselves - strengths & weaknesses. From the participants, I learned about the very real work/life situations where we put into practice these ideas about knowing who we are, who others are, and communicating clearly. I could use ongoing support with this - especially from other business owners who are "in the trenches" like I am. -Joanne Goding, Moss Nutrition


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