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Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley

Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley


Consider what others have to say about Ira Bryck as a presenter, facilitator or director of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley.

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A PRESENTATION for your industry group or other organization, that would frankly and honestly discuss many of the issues your members face in their family business, along with practical solutions, allowing you and your family business members to govern more effectively, decide more strategically, change more realistically, and work more enjoyably, consider Ira Bryck.

Ira Bryck is Director of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley at . Since Ira began the center in 1994, it has provided a non-commercial, interactive learning community for business families in Western New England and beyond.

Ira and the center also produce the family business newsletter Related Matters, website and advice column, Dear Ira: Fresh Air and Cold Water for the Perplexed Business Family. Ira also consults to family companies, non-profits, and educational institutions to resolve conflict, create idea gathering systems, professionalize meetings and management, better server customers, plan strategy and marketing, and control the chaos. Ira is the author of three plays about life in family business, presented as “edu-tainment” to forums of business families. His third play, A Tough Nut to Crack, is based on his 17 years in his family's 4th generation childrenswear business on Long Island, where he served simultaneously in every role from president to tailor.

Feel free to contact Ira Bryck at (413) 835-0810 or Ira@UMassFBC to discuss a presentation or consultation for your organization.

A Practical and Relevant Presentation by Ira Bryck: Treat Your Business Like a Business and Your Family Like a Family

Working with family can be tremendously rewarding, adding great competitive advantage; or continuously irritating, reducing prosperity, satisfaction, and any desire to show up for work. For the lucky few, doing it right comes easy- but for most, family business success takes structure, conscientiousness, right priorities and intentions.

  • Learn what governance structures are used by family businesses that successfully discriminate between family and business rules and roles.
  • Discuss the several biggest stumbling blocks faced by families in business (whether multigenerational, spouses, siblings and cousins), and how you can prevent them or deal with them (but not avoid them).
  • Discover and practice a few communication tools specifically designed to keep family business communication efficient, untainted, appreciative and businesslike.

For Expert Advisors: A Conversation to Help You Get Even Better at Advising Your Family Business Clients

Have Ira lead an ultra-practical discussion to your estate planning council that will help you, as an attorney, accountant, banker, financial planner, work more effectively with business owning families.

There are many other customized topics Ira can address for your organization or family business- give a call at (413) 545-1537 to discuss how we can provide a presentation of true and lasting value for you.



Read more about Ira Bryck as mediator and facilitator for family businesses seeking conflict resolution or more coherent discussions among your family and management.

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